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Product Planning

Multi-Manager Funds or "Manager of Managers" 

Several fund managers manage allocated segments (pools) within their investment fund according to their specific skills. This is described as a true multi-manager fund. H.C.M. Capital Management AG is a "Manager of Managers".


H.C.M. formed an investment company with a multi-manager function in Luxembourg. The investment company exists in the legal form of an umbrella fund and was established according

to Luxembourg law as a Société Anonyme ("S.A.", stock corporation).


It can issue an unlimited number of subfunds with share classes for institutional investors or private investors. Share classes to reinvest earnings or dividend paying share classes can

also be issued.


The selected fund managers are contractually obligated and are allocated a segment or pool.

The investment policy and investment guideline of the managed pool correspond to the mutual funds of the selected fund managers.

Working-Life Time Account Models


Working-life time account models are a great challenge for capital investment and risk manage-
ment. H.C.M. was one of the first companies in Germany to become involved with the specific and long-term requirements of age pensions. 


Under the management of H.C.M. special investment funds were formed as multi-manager funds for capital investment in working-life time accounts. In combination with a scientifically sound life cycle model developed by H.C.M. for risk management we are able to fulfill the requirements of our customers in all age categories.


In 2003 we implemented an age pension solution for the partners of a leading global auditing and tax consulting company. At the end of 2007 this was followed by the next stage for managers and senior managers.


Management and middle management in well-known companies outsource capital investment and risk management for working-life time accounts to H.C.M.

White Labeling


From an idea for a product to an investment fund.

Imagine you are a fund manager, a treasurer or portfolio manager in a private bank and you have an idea for a product. We will plan a suitable fund and support the project through to its being registered with the German Financial Supervisory Authority, BaFin.


The umbrella construction of our investment company in Luxembourg enables the issue of single or multi-manager funds with different share classes (reinvestment, dividend-paying, institutional share classes or share classes for private customers).

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